What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media? – “Infographic”

No matter if you’re selling online or in your small business store, social media can be a major player in driving awareness, leads and sales. For consumer goods brands, here’s the best times to post on social media.

This infographic from nottmva shows us some very interesting times with social media posting. For starters, the closer the weekend comes about the more people check-in and check-out in to Facebook.

best times to post on social media

How can you use this info to reach more followers with every social message

You may notice that when it comes to “the best times to post on social media”, not everyone agrees as to the best timing for social posts, and when they do, it’s most probably because they’re referring to the same source. Even using data doesn’t provide a perfect answer, because it doesn’t take into account:

  • Different industries
  • Different time zones “What if you live in Florida but your clients and followers are from Japan?”
  • Different audiences
  • Different goals (e.g. clicks vs. reshares) (Instagram engagement or more Facebook likes)

You can start with this info as a guideline, then you can change it to your own schedule based on your own findings. That’s the only way you can honestly know if you’re posting to your social media channels at the best times.

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