Youtube Marketing For Small Business “Infographic Included”

Youtube marketing is a great way for staying on top of the latest industry news and events – and if content marketing is a key area of interest, video vlogging can be a great option for tracking the latest trends and connecting with relevant vloggers. By the year 2021, a million minutes of video will cross the internet every second of the day.

YouTube already counts with 1.9 billion monthly active users, meaning that every small business should get serious about the definitive video content site. But neither video marketing nor the YouTube platform are as straightforward as they might seem. Thankfully, it just takes a bit of research and dedication to create a video marketing strategy that will increase your Youtube channel subscribers which will eventually help you gain more exposure, traffic, and sales.

Establishing your YouTube presence is as straightforward as setting up any regular social media platform account. You’ll need a Google account to tie it to, since YouTube is a Google company. And you’ll need some artwork and copy for your cover photo, channel icon, and About page.

Keep this branding consistent with your website, Twitter, and Facebook style to look professional and reliable. You can even use the custom links section to add your other social media handles to your YouTube profile. They will appear seamlessly over your channel’s banner to encourage traffic between your various web presences.

Here’s a small business guide from Headwaycapital to help with you with some tips on your new Youtube marketing strategies. The insights from this infographic could help you glean more info about the emerging video blogging space, by tapping into the key tags and voices, and staying on top of relevant trends.

Youtube marketing for small business


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